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Christmas Sale 2021!

Ho Ho Ho! This is this time of the year! Christmas is coming and so are the good deals! So lets celebrate and enjoy some great bargain. Our entire 3D models library is at 50% OFF till January 7th 2022. Don’t miss it.

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Summer Sale 2021

This is that time of the year!! Summer is here and so are some amazing 50% OFF deals! Our Summer Sale 2021 will last from June 21st 2021 to July 5th 2021 (11:59pm PDT). All our real time 3D products are available at 50% OFF.
Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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3 Years Website Anniversary

it’s been 3 years already that our new website is up and running.

To celebrate it, we are introducing some new cart rules to our store where you can get up to 60% OFF! Basically we’re improving our motto: “the more in your cart, the bigger the discount”.

Have fun creating your very own bundle, tailored to your project’s needs, and get the corresponding discount!

To summarize how our cart rules work:

3 or 4 items in your cart: 10 % OFF
5 tor 6 items in your cart: 20% OFF
7 to 9 items in your cart: 30% OFF
10 to 19 items in your cart: 40% OFF
20 to 29 items in your cart: 50% OFF
30 items or more in your cart: 60% OFF

On top of this we have created an additional 30% OFF coupon code SiteAnniv2020 which you can use on top of those cart rules!!! (Expires September 30th 2020)

Looking forward to having you shop with us.


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Our Website is now on a dedicated server!

As some of you guys might have experienced , last week we had a little bump on the road with our hosting company proceeding to a maintenance… All our download links were gone from the orders for every single customers. We had to make sure that this issue never happen again in the future by getting our website hosted on a dedicated server. Now everything is back to normal and maybe even smoother.

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Summer Sale 2020 is on!!

Hey all!

That’s right! All our products on the store are available at 50% Off from June 18th 2020 to July 2nd 2020 11:59 pm (PDT). It’s time to take advantage of such an event and get your hands on amazing assets at bargain price!!


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2 Years Already!

It’s already been 2 years we revamped our website. Time flies so quick! To celebrate that moment we created a very special coupon that offers 30% OFF on top of our cart rules. Yes! this is crazy! That means you can get up to 60% OFF if you have at least 7 items in your cart!! use the coupon code: SiteAnniv2019 to enjoy the discount.

Looking forward to serving you!

Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Website Anniversary

It’s already been a year our brand new website is live. Our users have been enjoying new functionalities for the past 365 days! To celebrate that very special moment we decided to create a 20% Off coupon which can be used store wide and which is also cumulative to our “Cart Discount Rules”! You can enjoy up to 50% Off discount. Take advantage of that special promotion now while it’s stillย  valid (Coupon expires on the 09/12/2018)
Use Coupon Code: ANNIVERSARY at check out to enjoy our 20% Off.

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2 New Products Released!

We’re now back from our yearly break and working at full speed! We just released 2 new products! Demon Bat and the early bird version of the Demon Pack Vol 1 which includes the Demon Bat. This pack currently includes 3 models (demon bat, demon dog, demon minion) out of the 5 scheduled. It will receive 2 free Add-Ons (Succubus and Demon Warrior). The early bird pack is available at $64.99, so come get it now! Each time we release a new Add-On, price will go up! (Final Price $84.99)