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3 Years Website Anniversary

it’s been 3 years already that our new website is up and running.

To celebrate it, we are introducing some new cart rules to our store where you can get up to 60% OFF! Basically we’re improving our motto: “the more in your cart, the bigger the discount”.

Have fun creating your very own bundle, tailored to your project’s needs, and get the corresponding discount!

To summarize how our cart rules work:

3 or 4 items in your cart: 10 % OFF
5 tor 6 items in your cart: 20% OFF
7 to 9 items in your cart: 30% OFF
10 to 19 items in your cart: 40% OFF
20 to 29 items in your cart: 50% OFF
30 items or more in your cart: 60% OFF

On top of this we have created an additional 30% OFF coupon code SiteAnniv2020 which you can use on top of those cart rules!!! (Expires September 30th 2020)

Looking forward to having you shop with us.